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Welcome Tae The Land o' Burns

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

"The Land o' Burns was borne out of a fascination for Burns ability to have touched so many lands, both within his lifetime, and to this day as part of his legacy"

Whether a land he called home, a land he chose to tour or a land who has since honoured him with a tribute, Burns reach extends throughout Scotland and worldwide. Should you choose to walk in his footsteps, you will find that many of the places he visited at that time, you can still visit today. From historic castles to wild roving landscapes and more.

The Land o' Burns offers one place to Experience Burns through tours and events, shop for unique Burns products and discover Burns lands and legacy through our Tribute Trail. The Land o’ Burns also aims to shine a spotlight on those lesser known towns and villages that may be smaller in stature but in fact were the lands that he really loved the most. Welcome tae The Land o' Burns ...

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