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Mauchline has to be one of the most important Burns locations in the world. Burns found a richness of life here and a social environment on his doorstep. He lived, farmed, wrote many works and became a father here.

The family moved to Mossgiel Farm and he began to dream of life as a poet. He tested 'Holy Willie's Prayer' to great laughter and wrote The Vision, The Jolly Beggars, The Address To The Deil, The Holy Fair, The Twa Dugs & To A Mouse.

Burns love life took twists and turns. He and Highland Mary pledged their love over a shelf of rock at Stairard Crag here, he had met Clarinda who was in his thoughts and he was to eventually marry Jean Armour here after much ado. 

But in Mauchline he was also forced to appear at The Cutty Stool for his sins with Lizzie Paton, Jean's parents made life difficult and Mauchline folk became nervous and dissapproving at times of Burns, seen to be too provocative.


Mauchline has a trail of plaques around many landmarks including the graves of some of his children and friends, Barskimming Woodlands where he roved, The National Burns Memorial Tower and the house where he and Jean lived.


There were great times and exceedingly tough times for Burns in Mauchline as he was forced to consider the loves 'n' losses ... 

I've sent you here some rhyming ware
A' that I bargain'd for, an' mair
Sae, when ye hae an hour to spare
I will expect
Yon sang ye'll sen't, wi cannie care
And no neglect ...

Epistle To John Rankine




Burns House Museum

& Library
National Collection | Exhibition

Where Burns lived with Jean Armour

National Burns

Memorial Tower

Art Gallery | Lookout Tower



Castle Street

Home of The Burns House Museum, The Cross and Nance Tinnock's

Poosie Nansie's Tavern

Inspiration for The Jolly Beggars

Jolly Beggar's Mural

By Auchinleck Academy pupils

Site of Jean Armour's Home

Marked by a plaque

Mossgiel Farm

Burns lived and wrote here. Today a successful organic dairy farm

Site of Ronald's Ballroom

First meeting place of Burns and Jean Armour. Plaque

Home of Gavin Hamilton

Lawyer and friend. Plaque

Mauchline Burns Club Trail

Many plaques throughout village

Mauchline Parish Church & Graveyard

Many friends gravestones plaques


tribute TRAIL

76. Mauchline Jean Armour Statue

80. Mauchline Highland Mary Monument

94. Mauchline Burns Memorial Tower

103. Mauchline Jolly Beggar's Mural

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