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Kircudbright is home to The Selkirk Arms Hotel. Dated back to 1777. Burns stayed here many times including in 1794 when he was staying prior to going to a supper hosted by the Earl of Selkirk on St Mary's Isle.

Burns is thought to have written the Selkirk Grace in the lounge of this hotel prior to the supper where he gifted it to the Earl. The lounge  has now been named The Burns Room and the room and hotel are both open to this day.

Burns 'Ballads on Mr Heron's Election 1795 also begins 'Fly, let us a' to Kircudbright, for there will be bickerin' there, for Murray's light horse are to muster, and O' how the heroes will swear!'

Kircudbright is home to Broughton House and Garden, the home of artist and 'Glasgow Boy' Hornel. Hornel amassed one of the largest collections of works by Robert Burns held in the vast library and archive here.

Dining out today in Kircudbright your meal may indeed have some significance as we remember the Selkirk Grace ...

Some hae meat and canna eat
And some would eat that want it
But we hae meat, and we can eat
Sae let the lord be thankit ...

The Selkirk Grace



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The Selkirk Arms Hotel
Where Burns stayed at times and wrote The Selkirk Grace. The room it was written in is now called the Burns room.

Broughton House & Garden

Owned by National Trust for Scotland, Broughton House holds 'Glasgow Boy' Hornel's vast collection of Burns.

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