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Dumfries was to be the last town that Burns would live in as he died here in his home on 21 July 1796 aged 37. This tavern filled town was to be his last hurrah and he embraced the social life of pubs, theatre and debate.

In Dumfries he enjoyed his first child in wedlock and lived in two locations, a small tenement flat upon leaving Ellisland and his final house.  One of his last poems written was to be one of his most profound - A Man's A Man.

He could have had a full time job writing for the newspaper but instead wrote the occassional press piece and also for the Theatre Royal. His work involved travel and engaging company and he had his own room at The Globe Inn too.


But Burns was gripped by fear at times, injured and unable to work. His illness worsened and the trip to Brow Well did not heal him. He collapsed at the end of his journey home and died a few days later at home.

On the day of Burns funeral, the streets of Dumfries were filled with thousands of people from all over and rather fittingly Jean was at home giving birth to his final child - a boy!


Burns made more friends and memories as he spent some happy final years in the bustling streets of Dumfries ... 

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear
And the rocks melt wi' the sun
And I will luve thee still, my dear
While the sands o' life shall run ...

A Red Red Rose




Robert Burns House
National Collection | Exhibition

The house where Burns died.

Robert Burns Centre

and Film Theatre

Exhibition of later years |

Film Theatre

St Michael's Kirkyard

with Burns Mausoleum

Burns is buried here with Jean Armour and some of his children

The Globe Inn

Burns favourite howff

The Theatre Royal

Burns was a patron of the theatre and wrote some pieces for it.

The Ewart Library

Holds some studies and manuscripts of Burns.



Hole In the Wa' Inn
One of Burns drinking haunts.


Where Burns body lay in state.

Burns Tenement

The small flat the family moved to after Ellisland.



8. Dumfries Burns Statue & dog

60. Dumfries Flaxman Bronze Reduction in Globe Inn

78. Dumfries St Michaels Kirkyard statue of Jean Armour

87. Dumfries Tennement Plaque

95. Dumfries Mausoleum where Burns & Jean are buried

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