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Alloway is the birthplace of Robert Burns. He was born on 25 January 1759 in a cottage with a thatched roof built by his father. Burns lived there until he was seven years old and went to school at Alloway Mill.

The family then moved to the nearby Mount Oliphant Farm where they stayed until Burns was sixteen. During this time he walked to Alloway to be schooled by Murdoch. His father saw something in him and encouraged him to read.

Burns began to find himself in these years. He was poor in wealth but rich in discoveries with family, love, poetry, learning, farming and nature shaping the man he would become. By age fourteen he had written 'Handsome Nell'.


Alloway today boasts The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, the largest collection in the world of Burns artefacts including manuscripts, rare books, interactive exhibits and art. The centrepiece of the National Burns Collection.

The walkable landmarks surrounding the museum include Burns Cottage, Monument Gardens, Auld Kirk Graveyard, Poet's Path and The Brig o' Doon. Alloway was the most special place in Burns life and remains special today.


Alloway is the ideal starting point for anyone following in Burns footsteps. The beating heart of the poet, the bard's birthplace ... 

Alloway THE bard's birthplace


Ye banks and braes o' bonie Doon
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair
How can ye chant, ye little birds
And I sae weary fu' o' care ...

The Banks o' Doon


Robert Burns

Birthplace Museum
Largest National Collection | Burns Museum & other attractions owned by National Trust Scotland.

Burns Cottage

Thatched cottage Burns was born in.

Burns Monument Gardens

Gardens | Monument | Statue House

Brig o' Doon Hotel

Hotel with views of Brig o' Doon.



Brig o' Doon
That infamous Tam o'Shanter Bridge!

The Auld Kirk Alloway

Graveyard from Tam o'Shanter poem.

Burns father's gravestone is here.

The Poet's Path

Can you find the mouse & haggis?

Alloway Mill

Place of school. Now privately owned. No public access.

Mount Oliphant Farm

Now privately owned. Sited on

Doonholm Estate. No public access.



71. Alloway Statue House (Souter Johnnie & Nance Tinnock)

72. Alloway Poet's Path Mouse

73. Alloway Poet's Path Haggis

91. Alloway Burns Monument

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